About SANA

Our Missiony

SANA CANNA handcrafts all natural hemp medicinals and provides alternative healing practices combining plant-medicine with the firm belief that the Cannabis Sativa family of plants (hemp) has been providing holistic medicine and healing for thousands of years

Each product is made from a natural healing, holistic lifestyle perspective: combining cannabis components with potent essential oils and herbs that benefit the whole YOU. There are no artificial ingredients, no names you can't pronounce, sourcing only from the medicine nature offers.  Our products are soy-free, gluten-free, and 100% vegan. SANA grows most herbs used in preparation in our healing garden and  sources local and organic whenever possible. 

All our products are made in small batches, with whole-hearted intention to activate healing.  We use indigenous  principles of working with sincere relationship with the Earth and all its species. We consciously make and source products that celebrate the spirit of Hemp and plant-medicine as a whole. We deeply respect the Earth, our home, and we hope each product has you feeling the love as well.

Our Alternative Healing practices combine CBD & Plant-Medicine with ancient healing modalities like Reiki, Energy Medicine, Sound, and Shamanic healing.  We also offer powerful plant-medicine and Sound ceremonies that will transform and reset your mind, body, and spirit.


SANA CANNA believes in giving back to our community. We highly encourage self-care, self-love,  and want to see people thrive & feel beautiful, inside and out, regardless of their life circumstances.  We support  local non-profit organizations and participate in fundraisers and community events that support those in need. Because when we help each other heal, we heal the WORLD. 


About the Founder


I am a Peruvian born modern medicine woman, mama, and artist living in Southern California. Since a very young age I was one of those kids who could see beyond what we traditionally see and could hear all sorts of "spirits."  I became very close to my indigenous roots and was attracted to everything natural and the spirit of everything natural. I began studying alternative healing at just 19 years old thanks to my spiritual guidance, as I was always aware that something was tremendously wrong but couldn't quite put my finger on the full issue. Traditional counseling didn't work for me, and I refused to start a life depending on pharmaceuticals for anxiety and panic attack disorder as it was contrary to my natural believes. So I began studying massage, aromatherapy and art, and in my late twenties studied reiki, yoga, holistic nutrition, expressive arts therapy and shamanism, mainly for survival and self-preservation.

 As I dove deep into the world of shamanism and indigenous Peruvian healing (my native country's ancestral healing traditions,) I began to feel much healing and release from some childhood trauma  and overall anxiety. However, after my daughter was born in 2016, I had a deep, intense spiritual experience for a total of 4 months and all my suppressed memories of childhood sexual trauma came to the surface. These were terrifying  memories I had dissociated from and  still caused me to have severe panic and fear out of "nowhere." At the same time as the resurfacing of these painful memories, I was going through some major  life changes. I was a mess. And I needed help. I intuitively knew that everything I had studied had led me to that point, to burst, or to what mystical traditions call a Shamanic Awakening or Death. It is when you die of everything you thought you were and are reborn to the real you.

Shamanic ways of healing are effective yet intense and painful, and thanks to a friend, I turned to cannabis and hemp derived CBD  because I needed to function, be a mom, and make a living all while going through some serious changes and healing. And my life truly did change, and continues to do so in inexplicable, sometimes hard, but beautiful ways. The Cannabis family of plants helped me and continues to help me heal all the trauma I had repressed, it helps me connect spiritually in ways I didn't think possible, and it helped me accept my current life circumstances, and gifts. It helped me open my heart to a path of healing...of being  a healer, an artist, a mother, a lover, and working from a place of truth and compassion. So now I pay it forward, and that is exactly how SANA (heal in Spanish) CANNA came about. 

Everything that led me to my own healing I share with you. It combines my love for nature and natural healing, my years studying alternative healing and art in California, Paris, France and NYC, and several regions of Peru, my years working with children with special needs, my indigenous based spiritual practices, and my love for the Earth and all it's inhabitants. 

CBD Certificate of Analysis

Please find our latest CBD certificate of analysis below:

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