The SANA story...


Hello, I am Silvana Zamara, a Peruvian born  Medicine Woman, Mama, Reiki Master  living in Southern California. Since a very young age I was one of those children who could see beyond what we traditionally see and could hear all sorts of "spirits."  I was always very intrigued by my indigenous roots and loved  everything natural. I began studying alternative healing at just 19 years old as I was fascinated by natural ways of healing. . So I began studying massage, aromatherapy,  herbalism and art in my early 20s, and in my late 20s and early 30s studied reiki, yoga, holistic nutrition, expressive arts therapy and shamanism. Lots of shamanism. In California and in my country of Peru.

I started making custom CBD products for my alternative healing clients after using cannabis and CBD myself to treat anxiety and ptsd. The reviews I was receiving were very  positive and  motivated me to start a  small apothecary line of CBD infused products that you can now order through this website, through social media, and through selected retailers. I formulated each product with the greatest of intentions: to spread healing where ever it is needed. Each product is made without artificial ingredients, no names you can't pronounce, and sourcing only from the medicine nature offers.  They are all soy-free, gluten-free, and 100% vegan. They are made with my indigenous training and background of working with nature: with the utmost respect for our Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.

CBD Certificate of Analysis

Please find our latest CBD certificate of analysis below:

certificateofannalysis (pdf)