Are you needing clarity, feel stuck in a particular situation, want to know what path is the best suited for you, and need insight and guidance from your healing team?

I'm a natural psychic medium and channel able to connect with your and my spiritual guidance team for your guidance. As a medium, I clearly connect with our guides, ancestors, and departed loved ones and hear messages that need to be told to you at this moment in time. You can find answers to any question you may have, whether its career, love, family, finance, life choices, spiritual, or health. 

This is very much like a psychic reading, except I don't rely on cards for my answers, but may use them as an additional tool.  

Guidance sessions are either 30 mins long or 1hr long and are priced as followed:

30 mins = $45

1 hr = $80

These guidance sessions can be done in person or over the phone. Click the tab on the right hand side to book a session today or contact me for more info.