In conjunction of and/or aside from CBD, and herbal medicine, we offer alternative healing for men and women of all ages. We specialize in combining energy healing practice such Reiki, Limpias (Energy Cleansing,)  Sound Medicine and Energy Medicine. 

What these ancient practices entitle is the removal of blocking energy to allow healing energy to take it's place. We get to the source of your issue (whether it's mind, body, or spirit related,) remove it, and replace is with lighter, loving energy. While we do not claim to heal any disease, we do claim to leave you feeling lighter, more at peace, with a higher understanding, and purpose. These sessions can be done in person or long-distance as energy is not bound to time and space. Feel the strength and light of energy healing. The world of Spirit is waiting to help you in your path to recovery and well-being. 

Energetic Women's Healing

We provide alternative healing  for women's  needs combining ancient practices and modern tools. We focus on womb Cleansing (Limpas de Matriz,)  for women with irregular  cycles, infertility, reproductive issues, and/or sexual trauma. Womb Cleansings combines energy work, plant-medicine, indigenous healing practices, movement, healing sound and massage. Together we will get to the root of your concerns and bring balance to your womb center, a place of power, abundance and creativity.

Cannabis Medicine & Sound Ceremonies

 Cannabis has been used for thousands of years for mind-body healing and spiritual expansion. The spirit of Cannabis connects us to our authentic source, brings to the surface unresolved issues, and opens portals within our consciousness that allows us to connect to the world of Spirit. Furthermore, Shamans and Yogis throughout time have enter altered states by connecting with Cannabis and the power of sound to receive Divine wisdom and healing from the infinite Web of Life. Sound is the essence of life itself, allowing us to transform our very own vibration and energy field. Let us take you on a journey to the depths of our very souls, with the aide of cannabis & healing sounds.  Cannabis and CBD (a non-psychoactive component of the Cannabis plant)  are always provided as well as a safe space for you to let go and trust.  

We offer private and group cannabis healing ceremonies all throughout Southern California. These ceremonies include plant-medicine (cannabis & CBD,) crystals, sound healing, power animal activation, primal movement and music, as well as community, love, and laughter. We channel our and your nature alleys, angels, and Spirit helpers to aide us in the healing process. Transcend and transform, heal and awaken to your true essence and intuitive knowing. Let go of the past an future and join us in the present: where ALL is possible.