Healing Services



I offer an array of alternative healing services out of my healing studio in Orange County, CA. The following services generally take an hour long and are $80 per session:


Womb Healing & Cleansing

Limpias (energy cleansing)

Energy Medicine 

For more in-depth work, I offer several modalities that are life-changing and awakening. These services are suited for those who have depression, anxiety, unhealed trauma, ptsd, unexplained pains and aches, feel loss of power, disconnected, and experience psychic phenomenon. These services are in the category of shamanic ways of healing (indigenous healing) and generally take 1.5 hrs. 

 Each has an exchange of $120:

Inner Child Work

Trauma Release

Entity Removal

Soul Retrieval

Past-Life Regression

Power Animal Retrieval

Plant-Medicine Journeying

For more information on any of these healing modalities or to book a session, please send a message under the contact info or email me at silvana@healsanacanna.com. I am happy to offer a free initial over the phone consultation to help you find a healing method appropriate for you. 

Crystal Chakra Mat Sessions



Sessions can also be combined or alone with a Crystal Chakra Mat, which consists of pounds of 7 different natural gemstones. These gemstones become a heated surface to lie on that works to release tension all throughout your body. This maximizes your comfort and focus. Complete relaxation is vital to establishing a connection with your spiritual energy. Additionally, the heat of the Mat will assist with detoxification and cleansing of the body through excessive sweating.

  • Benefit from 7 well-known gemstones
  • Balance and cleanse chakra points
  • Ideal for full body therapy for everyone
  • Enhance the effectiveness of Reiki therapy and meditation
  • Fully functional PEMF therapy system
  • Improve general physical, mental, and spiritual well-being
  • Low level far infrared and negative ion exposure

Sessions on the Mat alone (without any other work done) range from 30 min to 2 hrs and are $25 per 30 mins. They include relaxing music, and aromatherapy.