Spirit Coaching

More and more people, in partiuclar women, are waking up to something they can‘t quite explain, yet if feels overwhelming and magical. They don’t want to shut it down but don’t know how to move forward either.

If this is you reading this, know you are not alone.

Times are changing on Earth, and with this being said, many are on a journey to cleanse what is no longer needed to live from a place of whole-hearted intention. We are being connected to who we really are, and in order for that to take place, we must shed all that we are not.

As we awaken to our true selves, many women (and men) are experiencing psychic phenomenon, out of body experiences, strange dreams, anxiety,  bursts of energy, fear, and a need to understand things on a deeper level. Sounds like you? Again, you are not alone. I hear women and men  from all over the world experiencing turmoil and not really knowing what to do. Information on the internet can be overwhelming and very easy to get lost.

Seeing this mess and having gone through some serious chaos myself, I feel the need to offer what I’ve been shown by Spirit to help myself and others navigate our own awakening symptoms in order to have a deeper connection with all that is Life.

I am a natural psychic medium, healer and channel and I can help you navigate the lessons Life and your Soul are currently throwing your way. Not in a one size fits all type of way,  but what is best suited for YOU.

I teach people just like you open up psychically, accept their gifts, meet their guidance team, angels, and ancestors, see past lives, how to handle being an empath, psychic protection, inner child work, how to interpret dreams, decipher the calling of your Soul, how to work with plants and herbs, shamanism, indigenous ways of living and healing, conscious parenthood, Divine Feminine awakening and more.

But most importantly, I will teach you how to establish a deep relationship with the world of Spirit, with the Spirits of nature, multidimensional beings, your Spiritual team, and most important, your own Spirit for self-healing and the healing of ALL.

If you are ready to embark on a journey to your true Self be a part of the shift that is taking place on Earth, then I encourage you to step into your power and reconnect yourself to the Web of Life. You will see and experience life the way our ancestors did and what is now being reclaimed on our planet.

I love accompanying brave and gifted souls just like yours on this beautiful and challenging journey  of waking up to our true potential. 

I offer coaching services for those truly interested and being called to dive deeper. Together, with the guidance of our Spiritual team, we will work together step by step to open up different ways of seeing,  make sense of the phenomenon you are experiencing, help you heal of what is no longer needed, and teach you tools to continue to heal yourself and others.

Sounds good? So let‘s boogie. I am available in person or through Skype (or Facetime) either in one hour block or three hour blocks . You decide how deep you want to dive into your path of transitioning into the real you.

To book  a session  leave a comment under the comment section or email me at Silvana@healsanacanna.com for more info. All in-person sessions are held at my healing studio in Garden Grove (Orange County) California. 

In person or online prices are as followed:

1hr = $80

3hrs = $180

Be prepared to dive deep on your first session. Have a notepad ready, or record it, and have an open heart and mind.

Many blessings to you on your spiritual journey back home .